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We specialize in services for small businesses. Our flexible services can be set-up either on-site or off-site and arranged at times that accommodate your business schedule.


Nothing is more valuable to your business than an accurate set of books.  Our comprehensive bookkeeping services allow you to do what you do your business!


Accurate financial statements will give you the necessary tools to analyze your current business and plan for your future.  We can assist with the preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual statements.


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As a benefit offered to our clients.

Tax Preparations

Whether you are an individual taxpayer, own a small business, or have more complex tax needs, we have the experience necessary to handle the job.

We use the latest in tax software for the most efficient processing of your tax preparation.

Electronic Filing

The benefits of e-filing your return include:
Accurate and secure transmission of your tax information to the taxing authorities.
Proof of Filing. An acknowledgement is issued when your return is received and accepted.
Faster processing of your refunds.

Tax Resolution Services

The key to dealing with any IRS notice is prompt action on your part.

Whenever you are faced with impending IRS action, it is advisable to seek the help of a tax professional.

Enrolled Agents are tax professionals licensed by the federal government to represent taxpayers and assist them with tax planning and tax return preparation.

We are a position to advocate on your behalf for the abatement of penalties and release of tax liens.  If you are unable to pay a current tax liability in full, we can arrange for an installment agreement.

In certain circumstances, if an installment agreement is not an option, an Offer in Compromise (OIC) may be advisable.  We can explain the details of how an OIC works and help you through the process.


As an added benefit to our clients, Notary Service is available.

Fee Schedule

Witnessing or Attesting a Signature$10(minimum)/Signature

Acknowledgement or Verification upon Oath or Affirmation    $10(minimum)/First 2 People

Certifying or Attesting a Copy $10(minimum)

Receiving/Noting a protest of a Negotiable Instrument   $10(minimum)

Copying any Instrument or Record    $1/First Page,
       $0.25/Addtl.. Page
Administering Oath or Affirmation   $10(minimum)/Person

Certifying an Event has Occurred or an Act has been Performed     $10(minimum)/Event or Act

Travel for On Site Notarizations*


Note: All Returns Include Free Electronic Filing

Individual Returns
Business Returns
Other Returns

Individual Returns Federal

Schedule 1040EZ - (One W-2) $ 55.00
   Additional W-2s (Each)       $10.00
Schedule 1040A(Basic)          $ 85.00
Schedule 1040 - Basic (Standard Deduction) minimum   $ 125.00
Schedule 1040 -Including Schedules A & B      $ 145.00
Additional Schedules
Form 2106 - Employees Business Expense      $ 15.00
Form 8253 - Non-Cash Contributions      $ 15.00
Form 8684 - Casualty Loss      $ 15.00
Form 8962 - Premium Tax Credit (PTC)  $ 15.00
Form 3903 - Moving Expense  $ 15.00
Form 2441 - Child and Dependent Care   $ 15.00
Home Office Computation      $ 35.00
Schedule C (Each)   $ 300.00
Schedule D (First 5 transactions)    $ 70.00
Excess of 5 transactions        $ 25.00
Schedule E - Supplemental Income (First Rental)    $ 200.00
additional rentals (Each) $ 150.00

Individual Returns State / Local

State Varies (Minimum) $ 65.00
Local Varies (Minimum) $ 50.00

Business Returns

Form 1120 - Corporation (Minimum)      $ 625.00
Form 1120S - S-Corporation (Minimum) $ 625.00
Form 1065 - Partnership (Minimum)      $ 650.00
Form 706, 709, 1041 - Estate, Gift, Fiduciary (Minimum)     $ 500.00
Form 990 - Tax Exempt Organization (Minimum)   $ 550.00

Other Items

Extension of Time to File$ 50.00
Installment Agreement Request      $ 50.00
Form 1045 - Application for Tentative Refund$ 125.00
Amended Returns (Fees for additional forms may apply) Minimum$ 200.00
W-4 Computation    $ 25.00
Forms 1040/540 ES -Estimated Tax$ 50.00
Schedule K-1 (Each)$ 50.00
Form 4506 - Request for Copy $ 25.00
Form 4506 - T - Request for Transcripts $ 25.00
Form 941 - Employer's Quarterly Return (Minimum)       $ 375.00
Form 940 - Employer's Annual Return                                                   $ 150.00
Franchise Tax Return       $ 150.00
Sales and Use Tax Return Monthly         $ 50.00  
Sales and Use Tas Return Quarterly$ 125.00

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